Our ceramic series - complement

August 2019


We are pleased to offer you the new Model K17.0 ceramic series to complement the existing K1.0 - K21.0 series.


Inspired by intensive development discussions with customers and designers from the sanitary industry, this K17.0 series has been redesigned. The design has the desired unostentatious, functional appearance, is self-contained, and has oversized widths for a safe projection to cover the furniture base.

60, 80, 100, 120 and 120 double basin widths are already available. The bowl is 120 mm deep and generously shaped, while the side walls are relatively steep.


Further details about all the dimensions of the K17.0 series can be found on the first two product pages of the catalogue Our Ceramic Series.


We show an illustration of the design for each of the existing series together with details of the available dimensions. Here, too, we will be glad to give you a full overview of the respective series with all the relevant dimensions.


Catalogue: Our Ceramic Series in PDF format.









New address and phone number – New location!

We can now bring together our warehouses from four different locations including our office and the exhibition to one headquarter. In addition, we will present our variety of products in an enlarged showroom area.


Due to the move, we are not reachable on Thursday the 7th September 2017 from 3 pm. From Monday, 11th September 2017, we will be available again for the usual office hours at the following address and phone number:


Siemensstraße 13
32805 Horn-Bad Meinberg
Telefon: +49 (0)5234 - 20 600 0
Fax:      +49 (0)5234 - 20 600 10


rtmr at the Interzum 2017

Our attendance at the Interzum fair 2017 in Cologne was very successful, with a lot of new international suitors and very concrete initiations.

New wash basins and guest wc basins 2016

19. Oct. 2016

New and modern wash basins in different materials, dimentions and designs you will find here.

For guest wc or bathrooms with reduced space you will find more inspiration here.



New Designs

For the current sanitary interior style - elegant functional, with clear lines and also soft transitions – we have developed and implemented some adapted and requested designs.

Here you find a choice of these multifaceted new designs. We also paid attention that every single designs has an individual and discrete forming. Thereby they also vary in there whole expression, in order to avoid intersections within the customer’s offer.Several articles are stocked for provision of samples. Sizes are changeable for the series.



ZOW 2015

9. - 12. February 2015

This year, once again our booth with its wide and appealing program was able to positively attract the attention of the visitors and we got a lot af approval.

ZOW 2014 at the exhibition center Bad Salzuflen

10. - 13. Februar 2014

We were able to present an attractive range of new basin models made of different materials such as glass, microcrystal stone, ceramic, artificial and natural stone in manifold designs, shapes and surfaces. 

Carrier systems for wall mounting of basins, bathroom accessories such as towel holders, handle systems endless, Slowclip hinges with damped closing. 


We had interesting days together with our visitors and enjoyed the inspiring conversations about application and design.

ZOW 2014

10th – 13th February 2014

From 10th – 13th February 2014 in Bad Salzuflen you will find us again with many new designs, colours, product suggestions and applications. We are looking forward to your visit!



New Developments

05. September 2013

We are especially interested in and occupied with the decorative designing of glass. Following our latest developments and suggestions

Waschbecken Glas Stahlgrau G78001
G78001 (780x480x135mm) in Stahlgrau Pantone 428C
Waschbecken Glas G91001 reinweiß
G91001 (912x500x135mm) reinweiß
Waschbecken Glas G90013 Glasschiefer grau
G90013 (900x460x145mm) Glasschiefer grau
Waschbecken Glas G90014
G90014 (900x460x145mm) Textur
Waschbecke Glas G80023 Glastropfen Gold
G80023 (800x520x140mm) Glastropfen Gold Wishes-Design
Waschbecken Glas G80024
G80024 (800x520x140mm) Sphäre Wishes-Design

ZOW 2013

18th. – 21st. February 2013

We highly appreciated the huge visitor interest in our product range. Many visitors were amazed by the diversity of our basin program ceramic, artificial stone, glass and the direct possibility of purchasing. Here are some impressions of the ZOW 2013:

Messe ZOW 2013
Messe ZOW 2013
Messe ZOW 2013
Messe ZOW 2013
Messe ZOW 2013
Messe ZOW 2013