Our range of products is various. From glass, ceramic to artificial stone. Including illuminations and other specific solutions. For our customer we keep an extensive range in stock to deliver within a few days, if necessary within a few hours or overnight. Please find a selection of our products attached and the full range of our goods in the product catalogue.


Glass is a wonderful, natural raw material that has always been exclusive and timeless and allowed diverse designs and use. Glass is also the elegant design element in the sanitary area as a basin because of its flowing shapes, largely unlimited colouring and design, the textured, satin-finish surfaces, high stability and impact resistance and durability. Today, modern production machines and processes allow automated and reliably-controlled manufacturing processes with lower and more consumer-friendly cost structures. All mapped designs are deliverable in matt and glossy finish, in many different colours according to the Pantone colour palette or also in decorative design. Material thickness according to prior agreement in 12 or 15mm. [more]

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For high, permanent wear-resistance in the sanitary area, there is nothing better than sanitary ceramic that has been proven over decades.Sanitary ceramic is very durable in gloss, colour and resistance because of great hardness in the base construction and the baked glaze. The surface on the basis of natural mineral glass raw materials, like quartz and feldspar, is melted at more than 1200° to produce a sealed, homogenous, hard and durable unit. Ceramic is resistant to cosmetics, hair dyes, aggressive cleaners and even hydrochloric acid. Ceramic is hygienic, easy-clean and easy-care. [more]

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Cast Mineral

Cast mineral basins are industrial products produced in casts. The basis is a material mix of natural mineral powder (calcium carbonate, quartz gravel, mineral powder) that is mixed and bonded with high-quality synthetic resins, e.g. polyester. The surface finish is an up to 1 mm thick synthetic resin coat (gel coat). The surface is closed-pore, smooth, warm to touch and has a high practical value. [more]

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