The basic design allows an unlimited number of lengths in straight, bent, concave or convex shape, with many different hole spacing distances. This allows the designer greater freedom in placing handles as design elements – with very low casting costs for all versions. We can agree the possible design details with the potential customers. The models can then also have customer protection.

Handle-SystemGriff-System Handle-SystemGriff-System Handle-SystemGriff-System Handle-SystemGriff-System

Towel Holders

Our towel holders are high-quality chrome plated, in many useful variations and functions. For wall mounting, for cabinet or combined for wall plus cabinet mounting.

AL001-Z009AL001-Z009 AL002-Z009AL002-Z009 AL004-Z009AL004-Z009 AL005-Z009AL005-Z009 AL006-Z009AL006-Z009 AL009-Z009AL009-Z009 AL010-Z009AL010-Z009 AL011-Z009AL011-Z009

Soft Hinge

The Slowclip soft hinge as clip-system - with load certificate acc. to EN 15570 with more than 80 000 closures. The material is cold-rolled steel with extensive copper and nickel coating. With a patent-registered and trademarked damping system.